Mr Spot Mysteries
Entertainment, a murder and great dining!

Mr Spot Mysteries


Tickets for performance Saturday, February 10


The Crushed Candy Mystery :

Global Attractions, run by auto-parts heiress Candice Kane,  is going to turn Kingston Penitentiary into a tourist attraction.  She's in town accompanied by her husband, a Russian yogi and naturopathic doctor.

Is Candice in fact planning a swindle of epic proportions?
Is the Russian husband really a doctor?
Throw in a socially inept stepson and a disgruntled employee...

and it looks like the evening will not go exactly as planned.

Is one of them so caught up in the project that they would commit… murder?

  • Dinner & show time: 6:30 pm
  • Evening ends approximately 9:30 pm

Dinner menu:

• Includes appetizer, choice of entrée and dessert

• Coffee/Tea

Vegetarian option available; please indicate when booking
and confirm with server.

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Mr Spot Mysteries are written for an adult audience. There is no swearing and nothing you wouldn’t see/hear on prime time television. There is however some risqué material and double entendres that may not be suitable for children. Having said that, kids as young as 5 have enjoyed the show and the strange cast of characters.

Canada's newest tourist attraction!