Mr Spot Mysteries
Entertainment, a murder and great dining!

Mr Spot Mysteries


Tickets for performances May 12 and May 26



INTERNATIONAL GAMING CORPORATION has somehow managed to get approval to open a Japanese-style slot machine operation in the now empty Sears building.

Pachinko is coming to Kingston, and the characters behind this venture are, to say the least, highly suspect. A reporter has been investigating them for some time, and she's discovered damaging information that could lead to criminal charges.

Which of the characters has such dark secrets that they would commit… murder?

  • Dinner & show time: 6:30 pm
  • Evening ends approximately 9:30 pm

Dinner menu:

• Includes appetizer, choice of entrée and dessert

• Coffee/Tea

Vegetarian option available; please indicate when booking
and confirm with server.

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Mr Spot Mysteries are written for an adult audience. There is no swearing and nothing you wouldn’t see/hear on prime time television. There is however some risqué material and double entendres that may not be suitable for children. Having said that, kids as young as 5 have enjoyed the show and the strange cast of characters.

Kingston's newest tourist attraction!