Mr Spot Mysteries

Enjoy a great dinner & solve a murder!

Mr Spot Mysteries


Mr Spot Murder Mystery Dinner: engaging entertainment!

Our mysteries feature a wacky cast, and a storyline meant to have you laughing out loud.

The Woolly Mammoth Mystery: A woolly mammoth bone is discovered in Kingston! It's an incredible discovery that involves a number of highly suspect characters...

The Sir John A. Mega-Theme Park Mystery: chaos ensues when Cheetah Venture Capital plans to build a massive theme park honouring Sir John A.

Gambling with Death: Kingston said NO to
a casino, but INTERNATIONAL GAMING CORPORATION has approval to build the Black Rose Pachinko Parlour.
It's the popular Japanese pinball-game played with little silver balls. Some people would say pachinko is too similar to slot machines and not welcome in Kingston.

The Crushed Candy Affair: The Kingston Pen is ready for a major make-over! Global Attractions is planning to turn it into a tourist attraction to rival Alcatraz.

• Murder in the Cards: A couple of psychics from Winnipeg turn up in Kingston to promote their radio show, but no one had predicted a murder!