Mr Spot Mysteries

Enjoy a great dinner & solve a murder!

Mr Spot Mysteries


Mr Spot Murder Mystery Dinner: engaging entertainment!

Our mysteries feature a wacky cast, and a story line meant to have you laughing out loud.

The Woolly Mammoth Mystery:

A woolly mammoth bone is discovered!

It's an incredible discovery that involves a number of highly suspect characters... is it real? Is it fake?  Is someone hiding the truth...?

The Doomed & the Reckless on Consternation Street:

Canada's #1 soap opera is celebrating its 25th anniversary!

It's biggest stars are on tour to promote this milestone... but each one of them has secrets to hide.

Five stars start the tour, but will five be going home?

Gambling with Death:

INTERNATIONAL GAMING CORPORATION has approval to build the Black Rose Pachinko Parlour. It's the popular Japanese pinball-game played with little silver balls.

Simply a fun game or... is it gambling in disguise? And what about those shady characters behind the project...?

The Crushed Candy Affair:

The Kingston Pen is ready for a major make-over. Global Attractions is planning to turn it into a tourist attraction to rival Alcatraz.

A big project with big money at stake. Corporate lies may lead to murder...

• Murder in the Cards:

A couple of psychics from Winnipeg are
in town to promote their radio show, but no one had predicted a murder!

Two psychics, their shady husbands and a daughter who speaks to dead people.